Everything You Need to Know about Dental Implants: a Comprehensive Guide with FAQs

May 1, 2023
A common problem with adults and older people is missing teeth which can occur you to injuries, infections, or aging. While people with missing teeth worry about their smiles, they rarely consider researching a replacement option for the teeth they lost that lasts a lifetime. If you are grappling with tooth loss and are concerned about your smile, it helps if you research dental implants in San Antonio because it is the only solution available that remains in your mouth for life without needing frequent replacements like dentures or bridges. In addition, dental implants provide natural-looking and feeling artificial teeth, making you think you have never lost your natural teeth. However, implanted teeth are not available over the counter and require you to schedule an appointment with the San Antonio provider to determine your eligibility for the treatment if you intend to have a complete set of teeth in your mouth.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants counteract all the disadvantages you endure with your missing teeth. For example, if tooth loss impacts your smile, dental implants help by providing a lifelike replacement resembling and functioning like your natural teeth enabling you to smile without hesitation or concerns about your teeth shifting or slipping. Missing teeth compel you to swallow large chunks of food because they make biting and chewing challenging. The problem of thrusting food down your throat makes you a victim of indigestion to require treatments from different medical professionals to deal with issues unrelated to your dental health. Dental implants are not the most affordable and will require an upfront investment in your smile. Therefore if you think the investment is considerable and decide on alternative solutions for dentures or bridges, you undoubtedly save some money but must endure the complications these replacement options thrust upon you, like needing replacements every decade, shifting and slipping when talking or eating, and needing special dental care to prevent infections beneath them. In addition, they also don't prevent jawbone deterioration from occurring soon after losing a tooth or two. Jawbone resorption makes your face appear older by causing your facial muscles to sag, impacting your appearance. In addition, losing teeth also encourages your remaining teeth to drift out opposition, creating a misalignment in your mouth that requires orthodontic treatment. Dental implants are the sole replacement option that prevents all the above if you decide to favor them and invest in your smile without considering other solutions.

What Is the Strategy for Getting Dental Implants?

As mentioned earlier, meeting the dentist in San Antonio helps you start getting dental implants if you are eligible for them. Dental implants require you to have a dense jawbone or prepare for bone grafts or sinus lifts if necessary to enable the titanium post to secure stability in your jawbone after surgically embedding it. The process of getting a dental implant requires intensive planning, with different specialists working together to create a personalized treatment plan to provide you with dental implants to hold your replacement teeth in position. If all things are acceptable, the San Antonio dentist schedules your surgery for implant placement which you receive under local anesthesia or sedition to ensure you experience no discomfort. You can return from the dental office the same day after receiving restorative dentistry near me procedures to replace your missing teeth. However, you must allow the implant to integrate with your jawbone, waiting for approximately six months before undergoing another surgery for abutment attachment to hold your artificial dental crown in place mounted over the implant. The treatment is lengthy but provides a lifelong replacement solution for your missing teeth without needing replacements frequently or attracting infections in your mouth.

How Do I Care for My Dental Implements?

Caring for your dental implant is accessible and does not require intensive effort besides brushing and flossing your teeth and receiving dental checkups and cleanings every six months. However, you must pay attention to your dental checkups because the dentist is the optimal person to help you eliminate dental plaque and hardened calculus on your teeth and below the gum line essential to prevent gum disease from affecting you. Although dental implants are artificial teeth not susceptible to cavities, gum disease can cause implant failure by weakening your jawbone, making you need replacements before you expect them. Therefore, you must keep your mouth clean by disallowing plaque on your teeth, maintaining excellent dental hygiene, and getting six monthly dental prophylaxis to safeguard your implanted teeth. Comfort Dentistry provides dental implants in San Antonio, replacing one or more teeth and providing a durable replacement solution for them. Consult the practice as soon as possible before your jawbone deteriorates to start planning and receiving your dental implants as a long-lasting solution remaining in your mouth for life.
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