Fillings in San Antonio, TX

Do you have a broken, chipped, or decayed tooth? You can restore the tooth’s function and appearance using dental fillings in San Antonio, TX. A tooth filling is a direct restoration that repairs a damaged tooth while also preventing further deterioration.

Comfort Dentistry is a leading, multi-specialty, and family-friendly dental practice that offers tooth fillings near you. We welcome patients to get in touch with us in good time to get the timely care they need to safeguard their oral well-being.

Our compassionate and friendly dentists in San Antonio, TX have extensive experience restoring broken and decayed teeth and go out of their way to guarantee a memorable experience for all patients.

Types of Dental Fillings

Although there are different fillings available, including silver amalgam fillings, gold fillings, composite resin or tooth-colored fillings, glass ionomer fillings, and porcelain fillings. We prefer composite fillings due to their aesthetics and durability. Our dentists near you will make sure to give you all the relevant information you need before your treatment.

Different fillings offer different advantages. For example, tooth-colored composite fillings blend in well with your smile’s aesthetics, while gold fillings are impressively durable. However, all fillings, regardless of the material, serve the purpose of allowing you to use your tooth and smile with confidence.

Dental Fillings Treatment Process

Our dentists start by numbing the affected tooth and the surrounding areas to ensure a pain-free experience.

Next, the dentist removes all signs of decay using a dental drill or a laser. After removing the decay, the dentist thoroughly cleans the tooth to get rid of all signs of infection, plaque, and bacteria. If the decay has extended toward the root, the dentist may use a glass ionomer liner to protect the nerve.

Finally, the dentist repairs the tooth using filling and then polishes it to perfection.

In the case of tooth-colored, composite resin fillings, the dentist applies these in layers while curing each layer before applying the next. At the end of the multi-layering process, the dentist trims any excess material and polishes the filling to achieve the desired final look.

Are you looking to repair your cavities before they get out of hand? Now is the right time to book an appointment with Comfort Dentistry. We’re a preferred dental office that provides fillings near you and looks forward to providing the dental care you need to enjoy continued oral well-being.

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