Restorative Dentistry in San Antonio, TX

Have your teeth suffered irreversible damage? Has gum disease advanced so that some of your teeth have fallen out? Maybe you’ve been in an accident, and that fabulous smile you used to have isn’t the same anymore. There’s no need to despair. Just because your smile has seen better days doesn’t mean there is nothing that you can do to bring it back. An entire dental specialty is devoted to bringing back smiles that have been damaged or lost. This dental specialty is known as restorative dentistry. The practice of restorative dentistry combines treatments, techniques, and dental appliances to do whatever is necessary to give a person back their smile no matter how much damage their mouth has suffered or how many teeth they have lost.

All you have to do is visit us at Comfort Dentistry in San Antonio, TX and discuss your situation with our dentist to discover the wonders our restorative dentistry can do. You don’t have to do without that winning smile any longer.

How Does the Restorative Dentistry Process Work?

Restorative dentistry is not just one or even a handful of treatments aimed at fixing or replacing missing teeth; it is a range of dental options to cover what a person might need to get their smile back. The process of restoring your smile isn’t all that complicated, either.

When you visit us at Comfort Dentistry in San Antonio, TX, your journey to a better smile begins with an evaluation by our dentist. During this evaluation, the dentist will examine the state of your oral health. They will note any missing teeth, the shape of your remaining teeth and gums, and any potential issues you may have.

From there, the restoration process is all about discussing what you want and need out of your dental restoration. The dentist will work with you to develop a full restoration plan that hits all your goals and lays out a timeline of treatments and services.

Restorative Dentistry in San Antonio, TX

Our dentist near you works to repair and restore teeth and gums to improve your bite’s function, integrity, health, and look. We conduct a myriad of restorative procedures. White fillings have become popular because they can copycat teeth’s natural color. Our dentist can blend in the tooth’s fillings color during the placement. We do root canals when a tooth suffers pulp infection or injury. Our dentist accesses the pulp canals to remove the diseased or injured tissue and then cleanses and disinfects the spaces. The interior is filled with gutta-percha and sealed tight to prevent infection.

Our dentist does dental implants in San Antonio, TX. We insert the metal implant posts into the jawbone. After osseointegration happens for several months, you come in again to get the crown placement. Visit Comfort Dentistry for restorative and other dental services in San Antonio, TX.

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