Extractions in San Antonio, TX

A dental extraction is the professional removal of one or more teeth. Most people experience a dental extraction at least once due to stubborn baby teeth or the presence of wisdom teeth. Overall, extractions near you are often an important part of maintaining and/or restoring oral health.

With teeth that are visible and have emerged from the gum tissue, extractions are usually simple, routine procedures. For difficult extractions, such as impacted teeth, the process may be more complex. Comfort Dentistry offers professional extractions in San Antonio, TX.

Reasons for Dental Extraction

There are many reasons why patients undergo dental extractions. Any of the following conditions may result in our dentists near you recommending an extraction:

  • Advanced and/or irreparable tooth decay
  • Serious tooth infection
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Presence of extra teeth
  • Overcrowding of teeth
  • Removal of baby teeth
  • Orthodontic preparation and/or treatment

Extractions are usually performed on an out-patient basis during a scheduled in-office visit with our dentists near you.

Extraction Procedure

Most extractions in San Antonio, TX are simple, routine procedures performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth. In general, patients receive a local anesthetic to numb the tissue surrounding the tooth to be extracted. This prevents the experience of any pain during the process. Once the tooth is loosened with professionally designed tools, it is removed from its socket. If patients are suffering from an impacted tooth within the gum or a broken tooth, the extraction process is often a bit more involved.

The recovery for dental extractions is simple and takes just a couple of days at most for healing. Our dentists in San Antonio, TX will recommend rest and avoiding strenuous physical activity for a short time. Patients are advised to eat soft foods, take medications as directed, and brush their teeth carefully so as not to disturb healing in the socket of the extracted tooth. It’s advisable to keep Comfort Dentistry’s contact information on hand in case of questions or problems.

Dental extractions can be the solution for patients suffering current oral health problems as well as a preventive measure for future dental or orthodontic issues. Contact Comfort Dentistry for information about extractions near you.

Patients visiting us at Comfort Dentistry may receive tooth extractions only when necessary. Our dentist in San Antonio always wants to save teeth, but it happens that, sometimes, we have to remove them. Damage to teeth from periodontal disease, trauma, decay, or other cause can leave teeth unsalvageable, thus compelling our dentist to extract them.

Our dental clinic near you has a gentle team that does extractions safely and professionally, ensuring a pain-free experience. We provide simple and surgical extractions depending on the damage severity or the tooth’s positioning in the gums.

Simple Extractions

A simple extraction is usually recommended for those suffering from advanced periodontal or tooth sensitivity, and the tooth to be extracted is visible. Our dentist near you waggles the tooth to loosen and then gently and quickly pulls it out.

Our simple tooth extraction in San Antonio, TX, can help patients experiencing dental pain arising from badly fractured teeth, advanced periodontal disease, decayed teeth, and the growth of an extra tooth.

Surgical Extractions

A surgical extraction occurs when a tooth is stuck or broken into pieces underneath the gums. The extraction requires an incision into the gum and connective tissue to gain access to a tooth. The tooth can be extracted in whole or in pieces. Our dentist near you is experienced in conducting surgical extractions and will ensure you have a pain-free extraction, thanks to our sedation dentistry.

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