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If you experience trauma to the mouth or develop a painful toothache, root canal therapy can provide relief and prevent the need for an extraction. At Comfort Dentistry, Priyanka Agrawal, DDS, offers same-day root canal treatment during a single visit. To schedule an appointment at the office in the Stone Oak neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas, call to speak with a member of the administrative staff or click the online booking tool.

Root Canal Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is an endodontic procedure that treats damaged or inflamed tooth pulp. Pulp is a soft substance made up of blood vessels, tissue, and nerves. It helps your permanent teeth develop but isn’t required for their long-term survival.

If you develop a deep cavity or experience oral trauma, a root canal can provide prompt relief. It also prevents further damage or decay, ensuring your smile remains intact.

What issues can a root canal treat?

At Comfort Dentistry, Dr. Agrawal uses root canals to treat injured, infected, or inflamed tooth pulp. Common causes of these issues include:

  • Untreated tooth decay
  • Chips, cracks, or other tooth damage
  • Oral trauma, like a fall or car accident
  • Undergoing a series of procedures on a single tooth

Damaged or inflamed tooth pulp causes sensitivity, swelling, and a sensation of heat in the gums. If you experience these or other similar symptoms, seek professional dental treatment right away.

What does a root canal involve?

At Comfort Dentistry, Dr. Agrawal provides same-day root canal treatment. The procedure involves a series of steps, including:

Step one - anesthesia

At the beginning of your appointment, Dr. Agrawal administers local anesthesia to numb your tooth roots and gums. If you experience dental anxiety, she also offers light sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Once you’re comfortable, Dr. Agrawal begins treatment.

Step two - removing the pulp

Dr. Agrawal carefully accesses the center of your infected or damaged tooth and removes the pulp. Then, she rinses the center of your tooth with an antibacterial solution and fills it with a rubbery material called gutta-percha.

Step three - filling

Last, Dr. Agrawal applies a filling. The filling seals the tooth and prevents harmful bacteria from causing further issues.

How many appointments does a root canal take?

Whenever possible, Dr. Agrawal offers single visit root canal treatment. However, if your tooth is significantly damaged, two appointments might be necessary. That’s because a filling isn’t always enough to preserve your tooth. Sometimes the best option is a dental crown.

If Dr. Agrawal determines you need a crown, she takes impressions of your tooth after filling it with gutta-percha. Then, she sends your impressions to a dental laboratory that creates a custom crown. About a week later, you return to Comfort Dentistry. Dr. Agrawal lines up the crown with your tooth and bonds it in place.

To learn more about root canal treatment, make an appointment at Comfort Dentistry. Call to speak with an administrative team member or click the online booking tool.


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