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If you dream of having a bright, Hollywood-worthy smile, consider teeth whitening. At Comfort Dentistry, Priyanka Agrawal, DDS, offers in-office teeth whitening with Philips Zoom! The treatment provides instant results and can make your teeth between *four and eight shades lighter. To schedule an appointment at the office in the Stone Oak neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas, call to speak with a member of the administrative staff or click the online booking tool.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that removes stains from the surface of your teeth. At Comfort Dentistry, Dr. Agrawal uses Philips Zoom!

Philips Zoom! is an FDA-approved teeth whitening treatment system that utilizes a harmless hydrogen peroxide gel. Hydrogen peroxide can safely cut through stains and discoloration, transforming your smile.

What causes teeth to change color?

Getting older is the number one cause of tooth discoloration. As you age, your tooth enamel wears down, allowing the dark yellow dentin underneath to become more visible.

Other factors that cause teeth to change color include:

  • Oral trauma
  • Drinking beverages with tannins like coffee, red wine, or cola
  • Eating tomato-based foods like curries or pasta sauces
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Tobacco use

You might also develop yellow or discolored teeth if you take a prescription medication that contains tetracycline.

What does teeth whitening involve?

At Comfort Dentistry, teeth whitening is an outpatient procedure that takes between 60-90 minutes. At the beginning of your appointment, Dr. Agrawal covers your gums and tongue with a protective rubber dam. Then, she carefully applies the hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth. Once applied, the gel rests for 15-20 minutes.

After the gel has soaked in, Dr. Agrawal points a special blue light at your teeth. The light triggers a bleaching reaction that cuts through years of stains. She repeats these steps several times until achieving the desired shade of white.

Following treatment, Dr. Agrawal provides a list of care instructions and recommendations to extend the results of treatment.

Do the results of teeth whitening treatment last forever?

The results of teeth whitening treatment usually last between four to six months, but it’s possible to extend them with good oral hygiene. Dr. Agrawal recommends brushing and flossing regularly, quitting tobacco, and drinking colored beverages through a straw. In addition, visit Comfort Dentistry at least twice a year for an oral exam and teeth cleaning.

To learn more about the benefits of teeth whitening, make an appointment at Comfort Dentistry. Call to speak with an administrative staff member or click the online booking tool.

*Individual results may vary.


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